Welcome to the Silver Ridge

More than 20 years ago we created Silver Ridge Construction to give both homeowners and commercial property owners a concrete option that lets the work do most of the talking. Our team is highly knowledgeable, highly skilled, and deeply invested in each project. We believe quality and beauty can coexist, and work collaboratively to create and execute solutions that deliver both.

We may specialize in concrete but our
work is about helping others.

Putting safety before all
else. No matter what.

Keeping our team members, clients and partners safe on the job site will always be our first priority.

Seeing the human side
of concrete work.

While concrete is our expertise, Silver Ridge Construction is really people helping people build safe, attractive spaces and hardscapes.

Proving ourselves
through our work.

We believe that creating trust with our clients can only truly happen through quality work delivered on time, every time.

Building a team of life-
long learners.

It’s impossible to remain an expert without ongoing training, practicing new skills and challenging one another to bring innovation to our clients.

Pushing the envelope
without sacrficing quality.

Our company is built on a reputation for delivering the highest quality solutions that are built to withstand both nature and humans.

Work where your ideas and skills
are wanted and rewarded.

Silver Ridge Construction sees our team members as much more than skilled laborers. We believe in helping individuals continue learning and growing in their career and work to maintain an environment where everyone knows they’re part of the bigger picture.

When you need concrete,
the Silver Ridge team is
ready to roll up our sleeves.